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Toilet paper

'Toilet paper' is a video composed of thoughts written on toilet paper (see in work). These thoughts are partially a conversation between, on one hand, the artist and herself, and on the other hand, the artist's mother with herself.

Duration: 10.55 minute


'Olga' is a film based on a alter ego study. Where you are today it's not where you were yesterday, the mask that you wear to perceive people is not the same mask that you wear at the mirror to lie to yourself

Duration: 3.45 minute

Forest talk

'Forest talk' is a film about the healing of mind and body after the storm. We came from nature and we will return to it, in the meantime reconnect with it.

Duration: 11.01 minute


'Shave' have an eternal sound that mesmerises the audience eyes and ears. My dear audience, remember, a simple action like shaving someone's hair can be harmless or brutal, depending on who is doing it; they might want to give you a fresh start or strip away your identity and culture.

                                                                               -ethnic cleansing.  

Duration: 15.57 minute

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